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To Promote Education

Advance Educational Standards

Foster Professionalism

Protect and Advance the Interests and Welfare of its Members


Come see us at the Littlestown Good Old Days Parade August 19, 2010
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President: Doug Hartlaub

Vice President: Tina Motts

Presidents-Elect: Dan Lawrence and Mike Lippy

Secretary: Sally Becker

Treasurer: Carol Greene

Historian: Amy Shermyer

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NY Times News
Broadway Hits the Middle School Circuit
Adaptations of Broadway musicals to be performed by middle and high school students are becoming an increasingly important revenue stream for theater producers.
2/25/2018 10:11:24 AM
NY Times News
Thank You for Asking
Young people are radically changing how we think about violence, consent and gender. Antioch College is where much of the conversation started.
2/24/2018 4:25:40 PM
NY Times News
Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Misguided Drive to Measure ‘Learning Outcomes’
Colleges should stop trivializing the transmission of knowledge.
2/23/2018 8:17:43 PM
NY Times News
After Years of Fighting, Idaho Retains Climate Change in Its Education Guidelines
The legislature had scrubbed human-caused climate change from state teaching standards, but new standards that include the topic will go into effect.
2/23/2018 4:21:06 PM
NY Times News
Black History Month Menu at N.Y.U.: Kool-Aid, Watermelon and Controversy
New York University’s president apologized for the “inexcusably insensitive” menu, which was planned by two employees of the food service company Aramark.
2/22/2018 3:13:29 PM

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